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Todo camino del hombre es recto en su opinión: Mas Jehová pesa los corazones. Porque todos los que son guiados por el Espíritu de Dios, los tales son hijos de Dios. Porque este es el amor de Dios, que guardemos sus mandamientos; y sus mandamientos no son penosos. Proverbios 21:2, Romanos 8:14, 1 Juan 5:3

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Cuando el pecado creció, sobrepujó la gracia; Cuanto está lejos el oriente del occidente, Hizo alejar de nosotros nuestras rebeliones. Romanos 5:20, Salmos 103:12

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*Dé su vida al control de Dios.

Porque todo aquel que invocare el nombre del Señor, será salvo. Romanos 10:13

Si USTED quería recibir el regalo de la vida eterna puede dirigirse a Dios en oración con Bob. Tiene que ser de corazón.

He aquí, yo estoy á la puerta y llamo: si alguno oyere mi voz y abriere la puerta, entraré á Él, y cenaré con Él, y Él conmigo. Apocalipsis 3:20


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   We can fool ourselves and others by the good deeds we do. God looks at the inner man. It's like being naked and clothing ourselves with clear cellophane. Our souls are bare before God. (Prov 30:12) “There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.”  They are condemned (unsaved) and don’t know it.

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Commentary - Slide 2

   If I were unsaved I would rather have this false belief  (that I am too bad for God to forgive me) than any other false belief. With this belief you are closer to Eternal Life than you might think. You have come to the proper conclusion. You are unworthy to receive God’s forgiveness. This is the reason that all the other false beliefs are so dangerous. People with other false beliefs are righteous in their own eyes.

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Commentary - Slide 3

   To ‘call upon the name of the Lord’ does not mean to talk, bargain, chant, or even pray. To ‘call’ is really a two-step process. 1) Before one can truly ‘call upon the name of the Lord’ one must see themselves a sinner. Nothing can be done to deserve or help earn salvation and in reality deserves hell. With that in mind, one must determine in their heart and be willing to turn (repent) from the ways of the world (sin). 2) Submit your will (life) to God’s control.

The two steps in action. The 'call'Only after those two steps have been completed (it must come from the heart) will one truly cry out to the Lord for mercy. It is at that point the Lord hears our call (plea for salvation). There are no substitutes for those two simple steps.

   If you would like to go to heaven make the 'call'. Call out to God like the cartoon character just did.

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