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Currently   Our plan is to revamp this entire website, to make it more user friendly and mobile ready. We do not publish printed tracts anymore.
07/2013 We had 25,000 Spanish tracts printed.
2012  Because of the generous support of our donors, we provided funds for about 50 Luganda Bibles per month (for 1 year /or  600 Bibles), to Prime Ministries Uganda. Luganda Bibles are very expensive and most families don't have one.
10/2011   We had 10,000 Mandarin Chinese, 10,000 Luganda and 25,000 Spanish tracts printed.
10/2011   We just finished the Chinese (Mandarin) translation of our tract.
06/2010   We had 20,000 Luganda and 20,000 Spanish tracts printed.


We had 10,000 Fijian and 20,000 Luganda (Uganda) tracts printed.


We had 10,000 Fiji Hindi and 10,000 Luganda (Uganda) tracts printed.


We just completed our largest mailing yet in Wichita, Kansas. It consisted of our newly designed tract. This was mailed to every residential mailbox in the Wichita, KS area. There were 172,211 tracts mailed!


We had 225,000 English and 20,000 Spanish tracts printed.


We just completed our first major mailing in N.E. Oklahoma. It consisted of a tract and cover letter. This was mailed to every residential mailbox in the following Oklahoma zip codes; 74016 (Bushyhead, Chelsea & Winganon), 74031 (Foyil), 74301 (Pensacola, Vinita & White Oak), 74330 (Adair), 74332 (Big Cabin). There were 9,517 tracts mailed!


We are currently in the process of translating our tract into the Spanish Language. A special thanks goes to Vendla of Kansas. She is doing the translating.


We are currently in the process of changing our tract size to be mail ready. This will allow a person or organization to simply put an address and stamp on the back cover. Envelopes will not be necessary. Lord's willing these will be available late this year or early next year.

07/2001 We had 50,000 English tracts printed.

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