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Pick the headings for detailed information.

Mission - Our goal is to expose the basic and mandatory truth of entering into heaven. We've built a cartoon tract that is 'positive and to the point' and is used by believers across the board.

Purpose - We live In a world that doesn't know what truth is. We will not candy coat or water down the truth. We will speak the basic and clear truth so help us God.

Business Concept - Our plan is to plant seeds of the Word of God through all types of electronic media.


Business Objective - Our short, mid and long term goals.

Inside The Only Hope - Take a look behind the scenes. See how this company is structured and where it's resources come from.

Accomplishments - Look at the steps we have taken to accomplish our goals.

Statement of Faith - What the Bible teaches about the basic beliefs of True Christianity.

Get Involved - How you can get involved in this ministry. You can pass out tracts as an individual, organization or church. Donate land/space for a billboard.

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