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Individual Comments

     I visited your website. It was good and had a good message. I'm impressed with the art work, the thought and content flow, and the message itself. Good job and really worthy of passing it around. Wichita, KS

     I wanted to let you know that I love this website! Kechi, KS

     I checked out this website. Pretty neat! ?I enjoyed the message and I'm forwarding it on to friends. 'Ain't GOD grand!' Smile every smile, dance every dance, and thank God for the opportunity to do both. Unknown, USA

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Chaplain, Missionary and Pastor Comments

     These tracts have proven to be a very great ministry tool in my new ministry. I started a ministry in November to share the gospel with America's truckers. I hope others too will find this tract useful in ministering to people in other countries. Park City, KS

     I've suggested (to our mission) that the cartoon stuff isn't that useful in New Zealand (NZ). My reasons for saying that are that I think the material assumes far too much in the way of background, uses language which is unhelpful and sexist, etc. etc. (for instance) Two quotes from the first page: 1) "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. (Heb 9:27)"  2) "Man's moral best is like....? Both use 'man' generically for people. In some of provincial NZ you might get away with it but it cuts against the grain in many circles. So, I think its best not to use it. Unknown, New Zealand (Notice: The next comment is from the same country.)

     We are a small mission church. We try to remain fundamental in our teaching. Your tract does a beautiful job at that. It shows the difference between just believing with our head and actually getting down to the heart level. Which is surrendered repentance to our precious Lord and Savior. We pray this tract will enable our folks to share that difference with others who might think they believe. Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand

     With constant help from The Only Hope Inc. we have been able to distribute over 20,000 copies of the ? HEAVEN?THE BOTTOM LINE? tract series. This success came when we translated this valuable reading material containing over 50 scriptures into the native LUGANDA language making it possible for the illiterate communities to digest the content and message of salvation it carried. It has been an effective tool in bringing the message across and from handing out tracts to families during Door-to-door programs, school outreaches and crusade grounds there comes an understanding of scripture since an average home cannot afford to buy a Bible. Prime Ministries, Jinjia, Uganda


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