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The Only Hope - Cartoon tract ministry leads Catholics, Protestants and all religions to the truth.

bulletThe Bottom Line pg 1 - Cartoon tract reveals the entrance into heaven. For all ages!
bulletThe Bottom Line pg 2 - Sin exposed. Cartoon tract used by Methodist, Church of God, Presbyterian...
bulletThe Bottom Line pg 3 - Cartoon tract unveils the grace and mercy of God (Jehovah, Yahweh, Messiah).
bulletThe Bottom Line pg 4 - Cartoon tract explains the sacrifice God demands. Baptism? Confession?
bulletThe Bottom Line pg 5 - Cartoon tract validates why our ignorance of God is not excusable.
bulletThe Bottom Line pg 6 - Cartoon tract explains why belief alone is worthless. Satan believes in God!
bulletThe Bottom Line pg 7 - Accepting Jesus as savior is not enough. Tract used by Baptist, Lutheran...
bulletThe Bottom Line pg 8 - Cartoon reveals our final destination. The choice is simple.
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bulletThe Only Hope - Heaven or eternal life? We've been taught religious rituals rather than the truth.
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